WordPress [Hosting Configuration on a VPS (Virtual Private Server)]

Having troubles with your WORDPRESS hosting provider ? is it difficult to find the right service provider for your WordPress Hosting ?

Why not to setup your own server, or let me help you doing that ?

Here my services related to VPS Hosting and WordPress:

Secure VPS ready to work with WordPress:

  1. Linux distro: Ubuntu 16.04
  2. LEMP installed (Linux + Nginx + MySQL + PHP 7)
  3. Firewall configuration
  4. MySQL with phpMyAdmin configured (Double authentication) [S]
  5. Remote Database Access configuration [*] [S]
  6. Git installed [*]
  7. Composer Installed [*]
  8. SSH Key configuration (root and 01 user access without password / only keys) [*] [S]
  9. NGINX configuration includes:
    1. Domain configuration [DF:01]
    2. GZIP Compression [*]
    3. Expiration Headers [*]
    4. Avoid sub-domains and redirect requests to your main domain [*] [S]
    5. Avoid sending tokens [*] [S]
    6. Avoid Exposing your PHP Headers [*] [S]
    7. Avoid XSS attacks [*] [S]
    8. Avoid DoS and DDoS attacks [S]
    9. Avoid Weak Diffie-Hellman and the Logjam Attack (DHPARAMS) [*] [S]
  10. DNS configuration (Your own Domain configured) [DF:01]
  11. LetsEncrypt: Certificates for your Domain. Secured Page with HTTPS [*] [S]
  12. Avoid Brute Force Attacks (Fail2Ban) [*] [S]
  13. Server Backups (weekly / Ask for daily backups configuration Not included) [*] [S]
  14. Floating IPs configuration [*]
  15. WordPress installed [DF:01]
  16. Plugins Installation:
    1. Contact Form 7 installed and working (I will help you via Hangouts in order to route the messages to your own email < Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc >)
    2. Configure backups for your wordpress project (I will help you via Hangouts)

[*] = If required by the CLIENT

[S] = Security issue. Best if required.

[DF:#] = Number of items offered by default (For example: [DF:01] is for one item offered by default). You can ask for the additional cost of adding more items or maybe you can add more by yourself for free.


  1. if you provide the server, and you only want me to configure it (One time payment) = US$ 40 (Will take less than 05 hours for configuration and testing). Includes a session via Hangouts for general questions and instructions, at the time of delivering the server.
  2. If i provide you the “VPS Hosting” (Only access to the WP Project / Shared Hosting): US$ 3 Monthly payment.
    1. RAM 250 Mb
    2. 500 Gb Transfer
    3. 6 Gb SSD Disk
    4. Includes server maintenance, backups management, help via Hangouts for adding all items marked with [DF:#]. Also,  to renew letsencrypt certificates.

Go to the CONTACT Page and ask for more options !

Payment type: Accept payments via BITCOINS and PayPal (If your are from Peru or Chile ask for more additional services, payment options and cheap Prices)