Juan Pablo Donayre Quintana

Juan Pablo Donayre Quintana
Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. Previously the Engines Engineer of Aero Continente and Cielos Airlines. Currently, Structures Engineer of Latam Airlines.

Aviation Courses [ Highlights ]
Airbus Course: XSC1 – Structure Repair for Engineers

The course teach the repair design philosophy (damage evaluation and design rules), reverse engineering, and repair design for fuselage and wings.

Boeing Course: 476-787 Composite Repair for Engineers with Practical Application

The course is designed to teach how to design repairs to aircraft components made from composite materials (bonded and bolted repairs). This machine, from our composites shop is the same model used in the trainning.

Boeing Course: 7X7 Aircraf Structual Repair for Engineers-Part I
Seattle – 2017
Metal – Level 1 (FSL 7X7-463 RD1)

Very good course, we acquire a solid base to design Metallic Structural Repairs on Boeing Aircrafts. Very good Team (they are so smart !).

Aces Systems: Engine Vibration Survey with VIPER II
Miami – 2011

The training included: Installation of transducers and cables, Vibration Survey of CF6-50 turbine engine, real-time measurement, and all the settings required for the ACES Viper II.

Initial Engine Borescope CF6-6/CF6-50
Lima, Peru – 2010

In the course we learned the Borescope process (ports, temperatures, cooling procedures, etc), the rules, and the most important, how to assess and measure internal damages.  

NDT Courses
Boeing Course: 478-787 Damage and Repair Non-Destructive Inspection
Seattle 2018
NDT Inspection for Composites

This course prepares the student to inspect damage and repairs to 787 solid laminate composite structure using Olympus Omni Scan MX ultrasonic inspection tool (pulse echo and phased array modules).

GE Aircraft Engines: CF6-50 Stage 3 LPTR Disk Forward Spacer Arm, On wing Ultrasonic Inspection
Cincinatti – 2010
Ultrasonic Inspection (SB 72-1312)

Below, the kit to perform Service Bulletin 72-1312

Leon & Russo Ingenieros: Particulas Magneticas Niveles I y II
Level 1 and 2
Magnetic Particles
Electronic Highlights
Microcontrollers PIC's Levels 1 and 2
Assembler and C++ coding

We learned how is the internal logic of a PIC, and how to control it, managing ports (LCDs, usb peripherals).

Google Apps Script
Able to automate processes with google(Create programs that manage Documents and Spreadsheets using Drive and Gmail)